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Tracking Solutions

Gather all the important information about the way users interact with your website and navigate across it.



,Conversion tracking is one of the most important things to get right when it comes to digital marketing.

If the tracking is set up correctly, you will always know the return on investment of your advertising campaigns and make your budget decision based on that data. Furthermore, do the bidding algorithms depend on this data.

We set up conversion tracking for your website/shop (preferably) via Google Tag Manager (or other programs on request).


Tracking Tags for Remarketing Lists

It is important that tracking tags are implemented properly because they also serve as a source for creating remarketing lists.

Why Should I track conversions?

Even if you can see the number of orders in the backend anyway, the conversion data for the advertising campaigns should be collected so the success of these can be assessed and the bidding algorithms can be improved.

Get insights to optimiSe your page

With the tracking solutions of session recording tools, you can better understand how users interact with your page.

What do we offer

Strategy & Implementation

We develop a tracking strategy and implement all the tags. If you have an eCommerce or booking platform and don’t use eCommerce tracking yet, this is the first thing we set up. This will track both sales and revenue data. We also track how many users add a product to the cart and abandon the checkout. Additionally, we implement other tags to capture soft conversions that are important to your business. Of course, these vary from company to company, and the possibilities here are endless. Examples of soft conversion we implement could be the click depth, a submitted contact form or how long a user watched a video on your site.

TroubleShooting & Enhancement

Is your conversion tracking not working at all or is it faulty? Are there still old tracking tags on the page that are no longer needed and therefore only slow down your page? No problem, we can fix all that. Besides fixing it, we will also implement more tracking tags on your site, if needed, so the conversions that are not yet being tracked will be tracked.

Creation of Custom Remarketing Lists

Do you want specific remarketing lists for your advertising campaigns? Do you only want to target users who already put one of your products into the shopping cart but then abandoned the checkout? Or do you only want to target users from your newsletter? All this and much more we can set up for you in a short time.

Session Recordings

Do you want to have more visual insights into your landing page? We can set up (anonymised) session recording tools so you can follow the most important sessions. We can also create (click) heat maps of specific pages. You can then use this data to improve the user experience which is an important part of SEO and advertising.

Tracking tools we work with

Google Tag Manager


Campaign Manager

and more