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Google Shopping
Shopping campaigns are designed to drive sales and increase your Return on Investment.


Shopping Ads

Google shopping ads can help you reach a wider customer base selectively – you can show your ad only to people searching for something related to your product.

Google Shopping is a must for every successful eCommerce.

You can leave your google shopping ads and shopping feed responsibilities to us, and we will lead your campaigns to success based on our expertise and our skills with Google (and Bing Ads) and its various marketing tools and software.

Cost efficient

Due to pay-per-click you only need to pay if someone clicks on your ad and visits your page.

High Intent

You can reach potential clients right when searching for a product or a service that you offer.

Why invest in Google Shopping?

Because they will drive your sale & increase your Return on Investment. The importance of Google Shopping Campaigns is growing and growing. The auctions are taking place on all devices, during night and day and at any place.


You can choose how much you want to invest. Before we recommend you to increase your investment we will first hit your Return on Investment goal so your campaigns will always be profitable.

Automated Feed

We always make sure that your shopping feed is connected with your shop system so if any product is out of stock the feed will automatically exclude it.

What do we offer


We set up your Shopping Campaigns in Google Ads (incl. Search Ads 360), Bing ads and more. We group your products into Products groups and choose the best bidding strategy (depending on the conversion data you already have). 

Management & Optimization

sWe manage shopping campaigns and optimise them towards your revenue and return on investment goals. If you already have enough conversion data we will switch to a smart shopping campaign. This campaign is also using dynamic remarketing to achieve better results.

Feed ManagemenT

If you don’t have a shopping feed we will set up a new one and upload it in Google Merchant Center. If you already have one we will optimise it. The more products you have the more important it is that your feed updates automatically if you changes the website or if products are out of stock. We are also experienced  with setting up automated rules to apply bulk changes to your shopping feed. We are using API-Programs to connect the feed to your online shop system. We are also experienced with Feed Management Tools like Channable and Products up.

Transparent Reporting

We make sure that you always are aware of how your shopping campaigns are performing by setting up a dashboard with all relevant performance data. We will also go with you through this data in regular reporting meetings.

Advertising Platforms we work with

Google Ads

Bing Ads

Amazon Advertising

Search Ads 360

and more

Feed tools we work with

Google Merchant Center


Products Up

and more