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How are you handling your Google Ads Account Analysis?

Are you still going mainly over Keyword Optimisation and hope your Quality Score and your Ad Rank will increase soon because those are your primary metrics to look at?

You never lose track of your actual KPIs. For example, does it matter if your Cost per Click increases while your Cost per good / service you are selling decreases?

That’s why this year is very interesting for us Google Ads users.

Google’s artificial intelligence algorithm for automation became eligible for accounts with much less conversion data than it used to be, which is the main reason the switch to the correct smart bidding became relevant for many more, especially smaller businesses. But still, every time you switch the bidding strategy, there is a new learning period that requires metric analysis, so the perfect timing when to switch from maximise conversions to a conversion value (over cost) oriented smart bidding strategy can be a time-consuming inner struggle.

Let us help you with that.

As a success driven team, we specialise in improving your Ads Account and your entire marketing structure regarding your individual business goals.

To know more about Smart Bidding, have a look at this Google Ads Help-Site.

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