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Display & YouTube Ads

We advertise your brand, products or services with Display & YouTube Ads across the Internet


Display & YouTube Network

Do you want to build awareness? Then we should advertise your brand, products and services with display and YouTube ads.

We are experienced with display and YouTube campaigns on Google Ads, Display and Video 360, Criteo, Amazon, Bing Ads and more.

Measure Impact of YouTube Campaign

If you want to increase awareness and not mainly aim at conversions, you’re probably wondering how success is measurable then. Thanks to the Brand Lift Study of Google you can now measure the impact with surveys. Furthermore we can track the impact of display campaigns by analysing the search volume for your brand.

Dynamic Remarketing

Most users will not buy your product on the first visit. With dynamic display ads we ensure that users come back and complete the purchase and don’t forget or shop with a competitor.

Different Targeting Options

Depending on your target audience we use demographic targeting, Affinity Audiences, In-Market Audiences, Custom-Intend Audiences, Placements and more. 

What do we offer


We set up your Display and Video Campaigns in Google Ads (incl. Display and Video 360), Bing Ads, Amazon, Criteo and more. We ensure that you get relevant traffic on your page to increase awareness (or sales/leads depending on your goals).

Management & Optimization

We manage active display and video campaigns and optimise them towards your main goals.  We write appealing ads with call to actions (including A/B testing), optimise the bidding strategy, research audiences, optimise your landing pages (including A/B Testing), make sure that the tracking is set up correctly, select the right location targeting and schedule your ads for your success.

Transparent Reporting

We make sure that you always are aware pf how your display campaigns are performing by setting up a dashboard with all relevant performance data. We will also go with you through this data in regular reporting meetings. To know the impact of the YouTube campaign on your brand awareness we will link the campaign with the Brand Lift Study of Google, create the survey and present the result to you.

Advertising Platforms we work with

Google Ads

Bing Ads

Amazon Advertising

Display and Video 360


and more