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Data Solutions

The key to success in digital marketing  is understanding the users of your website. We will collect the relevant data for you and visualise this data for you in reports and dashboards.



 When you try to improve something, you first need to know where the faults lie and how they can be possibly fixed.

If you know what you are doing right or what is bringing out a positive response, you can do more of that. You can explore that domain for more pain points you might address.

We support you with the collection of data and help you to analyse and interpret it.

We create Excel or Google Sheets reports and live dashboards with the most relevant marketing campaigns or website data. 


We will not only report but also ensure that you always easily see the current trends in our reports and dashboards. This also includes a week over week. month over month, year over year performance overview.

Make decisions based on (correct) data

To know what is working well and what is not, just consider our dashboard. This also helps when testing something new.

Blend data

We can also blend your data from different data sources (online and offline).

What do we offer

Dashboard Creation

We create a live dashboard with all the data that matters to your business. So, you can keep an eye on all developments. We can work with different data sources and for example visualise the performance data of your advertising campaigns (from Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads etc.) live in a dashboard with tables and graphs. We can also combine this data with other data sources (also offline data) and then display it. 


We can export data from different sources (for example advertising campaign data from Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.) and automate this process. We can then comment on this data and send it, for example, weekly to you. The key to good reporting is not simply repeating the numbers and the change that is already easy to see in the tables anyway. It lies in identifying and highlighting both positive and negative trends early and finding the reasons for them.

Data Visualization Tools we work with

Google Data Studio

Google Analytics

Google Sheets


and more